Legend of the Blades - V0.4.8 release

Hey everyone. I forgot to add a devlog for V0.4.7's and V0.4.6's release. I'll be adding them shortly for completeness . I haven't really worked on the game in some time because I was focused on finding work for so long/I wasn't particularly motivated. Anyway, on to the build notes!

What's new in the release:

  • Transitions were added between screens. I don't yet have them for standard walking around room-to-room movement, but I added them in whenever a teleporter or staircase is used, in addition to moving around between game menus and the main game screen. Some fade to black, others fade to white. I tried to use black or white where I felt it was most appropriate.
  • The crystal dungeon is getting some work. You can hit crystal switches to change their color between red and blue, which deactivates blocks of that color.
  • Controller input has been added! Unfortunately, there's no way to configure the controls for it yet. The game will just use some defaults on the first controller it detects. I've only run it for an xbone controller, so idk if it'll work for other types yet. I'll be adding keyboard/controller setup to the options menu soon.
  • You can scale the game window now. The game will automatically scale the images to match the window. I'm considering adjusting this later so that the game always retains its intended aspect ratio, but for now you can stretch/shrink it to your heart's content .
  • There was a bug where an enemy would spawn in a room even if it had zero or less health. This should no longer happen. Enemies should only respawn upon entering a new area, not just walking between screens.
  • Some optimization has been done with the game's code, so it should require less memory. On my rig, it runs at about 40 mb of ram currently.


Legend_of_the_Blades_V0_4_8_win_64.zip 14 MB
Sep 07, 2019
Legend_of_the_Blades_V0_4_8_win_32.zip 13 MB
Sep 07, 2019
Legend_of_the_Blades_V0_4_8.love 10 MB
Sep 07, 2019

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