THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. This game's development is currently on-hold.

Rogue-lite bullet-hell shooter in the vein of Binding of Isaac.


Directional keys: Move around

'Z' key: Shoot bullets/menu selection

'X' key: Lay bombs (if you have at least one)

Use the pause menu with 'P' to check the map. There is a stats screen available on the pause menu as well.

There is a secret room and a super secret room on each floor! You can bomb the center of some walls to reach them. Secret rooms appear next to at least 2 rooms of any type besides the boss room, and super secret rooms always appear next to exactly one normal room.

Shops contain items that you can purchase by touching the item. The item's cost will appear below the item in those rooms. Currently, shops only contain 3 bombs.

The game does not currently have an ending! You simply progress until you die. An endless mode, if you will. Also, I haven't gotten around to adding health pickups, so you can't get your health back yet.


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roguelike.p8 65 kB
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