A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Note: The story is done but I didn't work on the art as much as I had planned to, so it's a bit limited. I'm planning to improve it after the jam

Content Warning: This game contains explicit references to suicide.

The last man on earth slowly wanders a long forsaken desert littered with the fossils of architecture and machines from a bygone age. He slowly trudges along, reaching a hidden bunker that time has forgotten. Using a rusted ladder, he descends into the mouth of the black abyss.

Inside the derelict ruined building, the man searches for the remaining puzzle piece that will finally put his endless searching to rest once and for all. He just hopes that he is not too late...

Submitted to Beginner IF Jam.


InTheTwilightOfHerEyes-1.0-pc.zip 75 MB
InTheTwilightOfHerEyes-1.0-mac.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

Download the game appropriate for your OS.

For Windows and Linux: Double click the executable to start the game.

For Mac: Zip file includes an app folder to play the game.

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