A downloadable game for Windows

Note: This game was developed in 5 days for Global Game Jam 2021. I'm planning to expand this game in the future once I have some free time to do so.

Space Phantasy is a vertical scrolling shooter game about three magical sisters who lost their way and need to return back home to their grandmother. Use the 'z' key to advance through menus and shoot your attack during the game. Use the directional keys to select a character and move during gameplay. Use the spacebar to pause the game.

Check out the Global Game Jam 2021 page for the game here.


Magical_Girl_Shmup_V1.0.0.zip 3 MB
Magical_Girl_Shmup_V1.0.0.love 58 kB
readme.txt 2 kB

Install instructions

Inside the zip file is an exe file. Double click that file to start the game. I also provided the .love file which should work as well. The .love file may work on Mac and Linux also but I have not tested it.

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